Mr. Francisco García García founded in 1948 in the town of Ayna (province of Albacete, Spain) a small local mill.
His work was for many years continued by his sons, Mr. Jaime
and Mr. Valentín García Sielva.
For years, already being a family business recognized in the market, a third generation is continuing the selection of the best olives for the production of our virgin olive oil.
Aceites Sielva produces a product for decades well recognized for its quality and flavor, making the best olive selection.
Olive oil is a product that have proven through scientific studies for its benefits of consumption. Some of these benefits are cholesterol control, thanks to oleic acid, present in its composition. It also has antioxidant compounds, useful for preventing aging, so that its use is particularly recommended.
Our production is analyzed by laboratories before packing, and are classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Aceites Sielva packs its olive oil in different formats, adapting to the needs of our end customers. The diverse formats we use are:
5 Liter PET bottle
1 Liter PET bottle
0,5 Crystal bottle


Ctra. de Las Peñas, s/n
02150 Peñas de San Pedro


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Ctra. Ayna, nº 13. Peñas de San Pedro (Albacete). Teléfono 967 298 016