Since its foundation in 1948, Aceites Sielva has been adapting to the technical and health requirements of the market, obtaining its olive oils always directly from olives and only by mechanical methods, without any chemical process.

Currently, Oils Sielva has the most advanced machinery for cold extraction of virgin olive oil.
With over 60 years experience in the production of olive oil,
Aceites Sielva has adapted its facilities to the most modern
Aceites Sielva has always dedicated his effort to maintain the highest quality and flavor during processing of its virgin olive oil.
For any questions about our products, please contact us.
Our office is open from Monday to Friday (8.00-14.00h and 15.00h-19.00 h.) calling to (+34) 967 298 016.
You can also write us to


Ctra. de Las Peñas, s/n
02150 Peñas de San Pedro


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También puede llamarnos al teléfono: +34 967 298 016+34 967 298 016 o bien utilizar nuestro formulario de contacto.

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Ctra. Ayna, nº 13. Peñas de San Pedro (Albacete). Teléfono 967 298 016